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Welcome to top percentage, a pokémon collective managed by Rems, because I easily talk myself into things. The majority of sites listed here are, primarily, fanlistings, because my ability to make specific tributes in a timely manner is sadly lacking. But, maybe some will indeed happen in the future! As well as the sites this pokémon collective plays host to, it also acts as a tool to gather all my favourite pokémon to one place, even if I have no grand scheme of fansites for them in the long term. A pokémon trainer never forgets the partners she's made, those she's opted to use once more. They're all champions to me.

Or, as it were, these are the top percentage of my favoured pokécritters! This collective is unimaginatively named after the famous youngster joey of Gold/Silver, who often calls the player to tell them about his super-cool Rattata. It's in the top percentage, you know.

fanlistings: Azumarill Espeon Glaceon Zorua | tribute: Eevee

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